Hi I'm Caitlin Hatzenbuhler, owner of Conscious Core Pilates and your instructor. I began Pilates after experiencing debilitating headaches and pursued an alternative treatment to the medication that came with a long list of side effects. After 2 weeks of regular sessions, the headaches went away and never came back.


I became a believer in the power of movement to heal and have been an avid practitioner of Pilates for nearly a decade to stay strong, centered and move with more ease through my crazy life with two young boys, a husband and household.


After years of thinking about it, I finally made the leap, leaving a career in high-tech corporate marketing to become a Pilates instructor completing a 500 hour certification program with Body Harmonics with over a hundred additional hours of continuing education courses. I am currently working towards a Prenatal and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist certification. 

Why Focus on Prenatal and Postnatal? 


I know first-hand the power of Pilates to strengthen the prenatal body, ease aches and pains, prepare for labor and help with recovery. I practiced Pilates through two pregnancies and then postnatally after a natural delivery and a C-section.


Throughout my training to become an instructor I realized there is an important need to better help soon-to-be and new moms stay fit, healthy and active in a safe and supportive environment. Trained in specific exercises and modifications for pregnant and postpartum women and those with Diastasis Recti, SI joint and pelvic floor dysfunction, I know how to move and condition the body safely for the most benefit during this unique and special time.


Our commitment is to be a resource for those who want to:

  • Prepare their body for pregnancy by developing their deep core and support muscles, gain mobility and flexibility to move with greater ease, and in general feel strong and healthy. 

  • Remain strong, flexible, balanced and pain-free throughout pregnancy and prepare for delivery and recovery.

  • Safely get back into movement and fitness postpartum, ease pains related to the changes in the body, breastfeeding, or baby-carrying

  • Find relief from issues related to pregnancy including low back and neck pain, SI joint dysfunction, Diastasis Recti,  pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse and those who are unable or afraid  to participate and enjoy other forms of exercise or movement (i.e. HIIT, Cross Fit, weight-lifting, aerobics, etc)

  • Be strong, vibrant and live a healthy life for themselves and their family but haven’t yet found the mode of exercise that works best for them.