No Time Like The Present. 3 Ways to Finish the Year Out Strong!

I’m a total hard charger. If you know me personally you know this. If you don’t know me personally you can probably guess this by the stories I tell. When I get an idea I go for it and I go for it with all of me, thus quitting my corporate job and opening a Pilates studio in downtown Livermore, CA in my first year of being an instructor. What can I say, I don’t doddle. But I’m going to be honest when the end of the year rolls around I can get a bit lazy. I’m the type of person who’s like “well I didn’t get to it yet so I’ll just start it in the new year.” And I mean, lazy is a relative term here because I’m still all about going big on my existing projects. But if it’s something new I will usually just hold off on starting it. But then January 1st comes around and I’m like “WHOA WHY DID I WAIT TO START THIS!”

So this year, I’m doing the following things to keep myself on track to finish the year out strong, even if that means starting something new.

December is just another month in the year full of unlimited potential to make progress.

First, I’m making a list (and checking it twice). HAHA See what I did there?! I crack myself up. Ok, anyways back on track. List are not something that are new to me. As a Type A person I live and die by lists. I will add something to a list even if I’ve already completed it just so I can feel the satisfaction of marking it off the list. I think I have a problem… But really, lists keep me focused and help me get the swirl of all the things out of my head so that I can actually make good decisions about where I spend my limited time and energy and also help organize my action plans. Isn’t it nice if one thing can be passively taking place while you focus on anther thing on the list – like laundry going in the wash while you write a blog? Multi-tasking can be a beautiful thing. I actually have a couple lists going right now. I have a personal to-do list, a business to-do list, a places to go list, a gift shopping list, a grocery shopping list, and a business ideas list. Again, I think I have a problem… So during this time of year where things are totally CRAY CRAY, the first step is to make a list, or a few.

Second, I’m going to prioritize the items on the list. This is usually where I get into trouble and start pushing new things off to the next year because honestly it’s much easier to fill my time with the known tasks that do just that, fill my time, but maybe are not exactly the best use of that time. Quite often this time of year I find myself completely stressing over things I feel I SHOULD be doing but that in the grand scheme of things have very little impact – like picking color coordinated wrapping paper for under the tree. No offense to those who can manage to do this without being completely overwhelmed. I am not one of those people but yet I let that fill my head space EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!! Here is how I am prioritizing my list this year. 1) Things that show my appreciation for others; 2) Things that will set myself and my business up for success in 2020; 3) My health and wellness.

Third, scratching the things off the list that don’t deserve an single bit of my mental capacity – like matching wrapping paper. This is probably the hardest thing for me to do because I want to be able to do it ALL! These “filler” items on the list take away from the more important and impactful things that I have prioritized above. They take up mental time, even if I am not yet giving them physical time, and keep me from feeling I have the bandwidth to start something new. So I’m going to scratch them off and not give them another thought. Sometimes it’s ok to not be able to do it all.

Just remember this, December is just another month in the year full of unlimited potential to make progress. Sure, it’s a time to reflect on the learnings of the last 11 months and where you can start clean when new numbers are at the end of the date, but really it can just be another launching point. And think about it, won't it feel AMAZING to “start the year” already in a groove versus bumbling about for several weeks trying to make sense and fit in all the things you put off.

If one of the things you’ve been putting off until the new year is your health, whether that be getting in shape, addressing your pelvic floor issues or chronic back pain, or simply making time for yourself, that is something I can actually help you with. With private sessions, duets or semi-private group classes available NOW, why put it off any longer. Contact me at to get started.

Move better. Feel better. Live better.

XO –

Caitlin Hatzenbuhler

Owner and Pilates Instructor

Conscious Core Pilates

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