At Conscious Core Pilates we offer many options to fit your experience level and wellness goals. All of our classes and sessions are mixed equipment leveraging top of the line equipment from Balanced Body including studio reformers, towers, EXO chairs, Pilates arcs, mats and a ladder barrel as well as a range of props to assist or provide an additional challenge to your workout experience.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are customized to you and your needs. All privates require a first session with assessment to determine your personalized plan of action based on your posture and alignment, lifestyle, and current state of physical fitness. Every session is unique to you and where you are in that moment.  Private sessions are best for those who have specific ailments, Diastasis Recti, SI Joint or Pelvic Floor dysfunction, or just want a more tailored approach. At least one private session is required before registering for any of our classes.   



Have a friend or partner you want to do Pilates with? Then a duet session is perfect!

2 people required. Participants are responsible for finding their own partner and coordinating schedules. If one person is unable to attend a session, you may either cancel or pay the difference for a single private session.

Semi-Private Group Classes

Our group classes are held with no more than 4 people for more individual attention and modification for each participant. All classes are mixed equipment combining the mat, reformer, tower, chair and/or Pilates arc. No two sessions are ever the same to keep your workouts fun, interesting and always progressing. Semi-privates group classes are best for those that are generally healthy with no major injuries. At least one private session is required before registering for any of our classes. 

See class descriptions below.

Class Descriptions

Prenatal Core

All levels. Mixed equipment class for women in all stages of pregnancy. Emphasis on maintaining core, back, arm and hip strength, pelvic floor flexibility and strength, balance and stability, and address common pregnancy challenges like diastasis recti, pelvic pain, hip and low back pain, SI Joint Dysfunction. We will also address everyday movement to maintain strength outside the studio and after baby arrives. 

Postnatal Core

All levels. Mixed equipment class for postnatal women up to 12 months. Baby is welcome until mobile or disruptive. This class focuses on safely reconnecting and strengthening the core, full body strength training to assist with baby and gear carrying, balance and stability, release work to counteract aches and pains of breast feeding and snuggling, and pelvic floor strength and flexibility.

Core Connector

Beginner. Mixed equipment class focuses on building core strength for relief from back pain, improved posture, and ease in everyday movements. 

Core Restore

All levels. This class is for those who have been diagnosed with or suspect they have diastasis recti and are interested in resolving the gap and regaining core strength. Through safe movement exercises, facial release and conditioning, breath work, and everyday movement training you will see a difference in the width and depth of your gap, find relief from back pain, and improved posture.

Core & More

Beginner/Intermediate. Mixed equipment full-body Pilates workout for those who are generally healthy and want greater core strength,  long and lean muscles and to move with greater ease.

Core & More II

Intermediate/Advanced mixed equipment full-body Pilates workout for those who have an established Pilates practice and are generally healthy to maintain or develop greater core strength, keep aches and pains at bay and move with greater ease.