Change the way you heal postpartum

Because it shouldn't be so hard and you shouldn't feel alone

With Beyond Birth you will get all the information you never knew you needed, have a clear path moving forward and a community to help you through the difficult moments.

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Does this sound familiar?

You often feel tired and as if all your energy is being drained out of your body.

You feel back pain and remnants of your pregnant belly is still there.

You have pelvic pain, pressure or leaking and wondering if this is your new normal.

Can't find a routine of eating healthy. You’ve looked for recipes online, but they are too complicated to prepare.

Wondering where to start when it comes to exercising and if you’ll ever feel strong again.

You are nervous about being intimate with your partner again postpartum.

What if we told you that you could...

Know what to buy in the grocery store and how to optimize your cooking time while being healthy and energetic?

Do safe exercises at home and at your own pace to restore your core and your strength?

Know exactly when to start to exercise again?

Have practical and healthy recipes to support your postpartum healing process?

Not fear pain or leaking during activity or returning to intimacy?

Be part of a community of other postnatal women also navigating this time and available to support each other in this journey?

It's all possible with Beyond Birth Wellness Series!

Beyond Birth closes in

What you will get

 Three 60-minute webinars hosted by each guest speaker covering:

     Pelvic floor healing after birth with Dr. Jennifer Parker ($120 value)

     How to restore the core including DRA safe exercises ($95 value)

     Diet and nutrition tips for postpartum support ($100 value)

 Live 60-minute Q&A with the experts ($100 value)

 45-minute online Pilates program that is specialized for the postpartum mom ($45 value)

 Lifetime access to exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support and community



 Three (3) Free Gifts:

     Postpartum recipe e-book ($25 value)

     Postnatal exercise guide pdf ($20 value)

     Guide for returning to intimacy postpartum pdf ($15 value)

$520 value  for $149


Use your waitlist

discount code and pay only $99

Exclusive bonus!


The 3 first buyers will get to choose one of us to have a 30 minutes private call to ask any questions and receive customized advice.


Exclusive Facebook live with guest speaker, Dr. Lindsay Ulrey, a clinical psychologist specializing in maternal mental health in our Beyond Birth group on Friday, September 18th, 5 pm PT. The recording will be available following.


September 15th

Postpartum advice for connecting with the pelvic floor, safe return to sex, and when to see a pelvic health physical therapist

With Dr. Jenn Parker

September 16th

Diet and nutrition advice with specific considerations for the postpartum mom including recipes that are nutritious and convenient

With Courtney Podany

September 17th

Postpartum exercise advices including connecting to your core and “how-to” for lifting and holding baby.

With Caitlin Hatzenbuhler

Bonus exclusive live with our guest speaker, Lindzey Ulrey, a postpartum MFT in our Facebook group, at 5 pm PT

September 18th

With Dr. Lindsay Ulrey

Join the experts via zoom to ask your questions live. 10 am PT.

September 19th

With all the experts


You will have lifetime access to the Beyond Birth Facebook group, including all the posts, discussions, and additional resources there, as well as current and future sessions and recordings from guest speakers and Q&A's. The 45 minutes pilates class and all the ebooks are yours to download and keep. And you will have access to the webinars for 3 months to watch and refer back to as needed!

Beyond Birth will give you the tools and information to help you navigate the Fourth Trimester & Beyond!

But don't take it from us...

“I really really enjoyed it. I used the post partum exercise guide that you made every day for about 3 weeks. I still go back to many of the exercises. I really enjoyed learning about the pelvic floor and what to be aware of post partum from Jen.

Because of the course, I have been much slower to return to my normal exercise because I want to make sure I am completely healed. It was so interesting to learn that it takes 4-5 months at the earliest for a normal vaginal birth. I feel more equipped to know to ask for pelvic floor physical therapy if I need it in the future.

It was so cool to learn about it all. Definitely well worth the investment!”

"As a soon to be first time mom, beyond birth was awesome to be apart of! The women who ran the event did a wonderful job-they took the perfect amount of time explaining what they each do and were great at educating us in how we can benefit from seeing them further. It was nice to be able to take home some information that I can use before and once my baby gets here. I would definitely recommend to any mom who is thinking about going to a future class!"

"I highly recommend every soon to be mom or new mom to take this course. I learned so much valuable information about how to take care of my body after childbirth. I took this course when I was about 9 months postpartum and still was able to implement things I learned into my routine. I am very excited to start implementing the nutrition and healing exercises even sooner next time!"

"Beyond birth was such an enjoyable experience for me as a first time mom. To be in a room with other moms and future moms learning from
Some amazing professionals was just what I needed Postpartum. I learned about proper exercise techniques, nutrition and pelvic floor health. I would highly recommend the beyond birth experience and all it has to offer!"

“I think this was a wonderful event and I hope that other mothers will take it too because I found it very beneficial. I loved the Q&A at the end which gave me time to listen to and digest the information from each of the experts and then be able to ask specific questions I had. Thank you for all of the information and the very well organized event!”

We thought you might have a few other questions, so here are a few answers:

1. How long will I have access to Beyond Birth material?

You will have access to the webinars for 3 months. We know moms are too busy to watch 3 hours of webinars in one week, so you have time to watch it as many times as you need within the 3 months. We also know that if we give lifetime access that human nature to procrastinate would prevent you from watching the whole program and having actual results. 

The e-books and pilates class are yours to keep, you can download them and refer back every day for life.

And you will have lifetime access to the Facebook group and all the past and future posts and lives there.

2. I'm pregnant, is this program for me?

Absolutely! We have had women during pregnancy join in previous editions. They found the support of Beyond Birth prior to birth and postpartum to be invaluable. Even though the event is geared towards the "fourth trimester", during pregnancy is the ideal time to find the birth community and feel empowered. 

During the pilates part of the program, you may need to modify a few of the exercises. This is up to you, your comfort level, and how far into pregnancy you are. None of the exercises are "unsafe" to be performed during pregnancy if you are cleared for exercise by your OB/Midwife.

3. What is the price?

It is $149, but if you registered for the waitlist you will only pay $99.

4. Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can!

5. Can I pay with Paypal?

Unfortunately not at this time, but if that is the only payment method you can use, please contact us at and we will be happy to find a solution for you!

6. What kind of material do you have on the Facebook group?

Videos, evidence based research, motivational check in, lives with experts, Q&A and Lives recordings, access to the experts at any time and much more!

7. How much time will I need to complete the program?
There are three webinars of about 1 hour each. You have access to these for 3 months, but it’s self paced.

8. My doctor hasn’t cleared me to exercise yet, is this program for me?
Yes! The program includes more than the exercise component. And you will actually benefit from this content before being cleared by your doctor. But we do recommend you be cleared for the 45 min pilates class.

9. I’m not available at the time of the live Q&A, can I watch it later?
Yes, it will be recorded and available in the Facebook group.

10. Are there limited spots available?
Yes, we want to be able to deliver the best program for you! And especially be able to answer all of your questions in the Q&A session, so we are limiting the spots.

If you have any other questions email us at

Meet us

Meet us


Jenn Parker

Jenn is a physical therapist and owner of Embody Wellness Physical Therapy. She specializes in pospartum pelvic health including women with bowel, bladder, and/or sexual dysfunction.

Meet us


Caitlin Hatzenbuhler

Caitlin is a Pilates instructor and the owner of Conscious Core Pilates. She specializes in corrective exercise programs for the perinatal population. She also is the mom of two boys who keep her busy!

Meet us


Courtney Podany

Courtney is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Nourished Living specialized in providing individualized plans for perinatal women. She just recently became a mom herself!